Homeopathy and You


When I match a homeopathic remedy to you, I consider all your signs and symptoms – mental, emotional and physical. In homeopathy I look at you as an entire person, on all levels, in order to find the best remedy, or remedies, for you.

You’ll probably find that in the consultation I’ll ask you all kinds of questions, including what you like to eat, about any recurring dreams, fears or phobias, habits, dislikes, cravings or preferences. I’m looking for the things that make you YOU, and different to someone else. My clients tell me the session is a very interesting and enjoyable experience!

In this way I’m treating you as a complete person, and not just the symptoms alone. I take the time to really listen to you, to make sure you feel heard, and to understand what’s going on on a deeper level.

(And if you’re in my consulting room, you’ll also be enjoying a lovely big mug of fresh lemon and hot water.)

Then I can find a remedy that best fits you and your symptoms using the principle of ‘like curing like’. A homeopathic consultation is a unique holistic process that looks to heal you as a whole person.

Denise O'Dwyer BA(Hons) MLCHom MARH CHC (Dist.)
Berkhamsted and London
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